séminaire à chantilly


The Château de Montvillargenne, château hotel in Chantilly, hosted the 13th symposium of the RDPLF (French Language Register of Peritoneal Dialysis and Haemodialysis at Home).

Doctors, nurses, practitioners and heads of departments and laboratories came together 15th-17th April at the Château de Montvillargenne for the occasion of the 13th symposium of the French Language Register of Peritoneal Dialysis and Haemodialysis at Home (RDPLF*). The event, which brings the foreign and francophone scientific community together every two years, was attended by nearly 280 people.


Our hotel in Chantilly organises a prestigious colloquium

Our hotel in Chantilly organised a conference on an international scale, known for its friendliness and the wealth of its discussions. Specialists in peritoneal dialysis and home dialysis, as is customary, worked on one single objective: helping one another for the common good of the sick. In the various rooms in the Château de Montvillargenne designed for seminars in Chantilly, the health care professionals shared their knowledge, their experiences and debated numerous subjects: fitting a peritoneal dialysis catheter, the patient’s therapeutic education etc.


Seminar in Chantilly for demanding professionals

As well as guaranteeing a warm welcome to the symposium participants, the teams at the Chantilly Château hotel coordinated the organisation of this large colloquium masterfully: installing equipment for plenary sessions, allocating bedrooms, preparing buffets and dinners… Without forgetting relaxation time, such as the piano concert given by Dr. Jean-Paul Guy at the end of the working day on 16th April. A musical interlude in a splendid setting that delighted everyone gathered at the Château hotel in Chantilly.


The Château de Montvillargenne in fact possesses all the equipment necessary for a successful seminar in Chantilly. 21 work rooms including one conference room that can hold up to 280 people. Within the château, your teams can enjoy the calm and luxurious setting, in the heart of the forest of Chantilly, and the comfort of a 4-star hotel. Please feel free to contact us to request a quote.



* The RDPLF is a learned society that aims to promote research linked to dialysis, to evaluate and improve the quality of treatments and publish scientific works. It unites the francophone community and maintains the links with foreign scientists. 

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