Serious Game conference at the Château de Montvillargenne

Experience the serious game conference Lego® Serious Play® during your seminar at the Château de Montvillargenne and let us build different seminars together!

The Château de Montvillargenne and Performances-net combine their expertise for your corporate events and offer you an innovative experience for your employees. Because we like to offer you always more solutions and go further in our involvement with you, but also because we are convinced that the most sustainable model is one that allows everyone to contribute and express themselves, we were seduced by the concept “serious games” proposed by Performances-net.

Strategic innovation through Lego® Serious Play®

This workshop helps participants to more easily communicate complex ideas in simple Lego forms. The structured process elicits deep thinking, powerful story telling, authentic collaboration and problem solving of complex challenges that organizations, businesses and communities face.

For the details of the offer and its prices, contact our sales department at

Our Serious Game conference offer

The Lego® Serious Play® Seminar offer includes:

    • A room with daylight
    • Permanent breaks
    • Lunch (buffet, mineral water and coffee included)
    • Dinner (3 courses, mineral water and coffee included)
    • A single room with breakfast
    • A special room for Lego® Serious Play® workshop

Services included: welcome and personalized follow-up, free Wifi.