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Prestige Room in our hotel in Chantilly

The most prestigious rooms in the seminar hotel Château de Montvillargenne. Located on 2nd and 3rd Floor of the hotel chateau of Chantilly, the prestige rooms offer viewson the back or the front of the castle

Ancient Egypt Atmosphere or French decoration

The Prestige rooms offer you an unique atmosphere. Choose your style!

Ancient Egypt invites itself into one of them.Here in this architectural jewel there’s a Pharaoh’s statue overlooking the bed, watching over your precious night’s sleep, a sphinx welcomes you as you come in.

The Directoire room with a view of the park lets you discover the spirit of French conviviality.

The venitian room with its balcony offers you a romantic atmosphere.

The Château de Montvillargenne, the castle hotel of Chantilly, offers unique rooms, as comfortable as they are elegant.

 The benefits of the Chantilly spa hotel

For a romantic weekend in Chantilly, treat yourself to a massage in the Egyptian-themed room. Our staff at the Chantilly spa hotel will give you an hour’s total relaxation in this haven of peace beneath the soft lights of the pyramid room. Our relaxation experts lavish outstanding treatments on you beneath the watchful eye of the two Egyptians.

Romanticism in Chantilly

One of the things you might want to do during your romantic weekend at Chantilly is to take the time to enjoy champagne. In the bathroom, a sumptuous jacuzzi or a bathtub that promises you a relaxing time. The loveliest room in the castle wedding of Chantilly promises you a unique experience, a luxurious journey back in time.

Rooms are available from 5pm to 12am the day after. However, you can leave your room at 3pm instead of 12 am for an extra charge of €50.