Horse show in Chantilly
horse show totem

In 2023, discover the equestrian show TOTEM, an ode to horseriding peoples. Colors, dances, acrobatics, bewitching music and flamboyant costumes…

From April 9, 2023 and until October 29, 2023, the equestrian company of the Château de Chantilly pays homage to the horse and to the riding peoples. In Chantilly, a colorful season under the sign of the veneration of the horse begins with TOTEM, a journey to the heart of the riding peoples and their customs related to the horse. A true celebration of the horse, this fabulous show is told to you by the eight riders of the Compagnie équestre des Grandes Écuries, thirty horses, donkeys and ponies, three dancers and an acrobat.

A show of all colors that will take you on a journey to meet the riders of the world and vanished civilizations: Aztecs, Amerindians, Mongols, Scythians, Indians, riders from Abyssinia…
Discover TOTEM, an ode to equestrian peoples and their horses in the most incredible of temples built to the glory of the horse, the Great Stables of Chantilly!

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